Emotional Support Dog tips and tricksMost people know about service dogs or the blind or disabled. They can be seen nearly everywhere – grocery stores, shopping malls, and on public transportation. However, many people don’t know that a dog can also be registered as an emotional support animal. An emotional support dog can be a great help to people who struggle with emotional disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other anxiety-related issues.
An emotional support animal is one which has been prescribed by a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, or any other licensed mental health professional. These types of animals serve as an important part of an individualized treatment program to help the person deal with the symptoms of a psychological or emotional disability.
Although registering your emotional support animal is not legally required, doing so does have some important advantages. Having a registered support animal makes it convenient to enter nearly any facility with the animal with ease. It makes verifying the validity of your animal quick and easy. Unfortunately, there are individuals who try to enter or bring along their regular, non-service status animals, in certain locations, by falsely claiming that they are necessary to service animals. This is one of the main reasons that having your animal legitimately verified and registered is a good idea. You and your service animal can be verified immediately.
The registration process for your emotional service animal is very simple. Follow these tips to complete the registration process in a matter of minutes:
1. You will need to confirm that you have a disability which permits you to have a service animal. This will have to be confirmed by the licensed professional who prescribed the animal for your use.

2. The Americans with Disabilities Act, air Housing Act, etc, don’t require any special training for support animals, but they must be able to be controlled in public solely by you. When registering your animal, you will be asked to verify that your service animal consistently does the following in public places:
Lays down on command
Comes when called
Sits on command
Walks beside you without pulling against the leash
Displays no aggression towards people or other animals unprovoked
These simple steps will ensure that you and your emotional support dog will have access anywhere with no hassles or unnecessary delays. Your support animal will provide you with a lifetime of wonderful therapy and unconditional love as well as dedicated service and loyalty everywhere you go. Being registered and verified will be beneficial to both of you and allow for many memorable times together.